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Less Truly Is More

A Small Team With Big Results

We’ve been in the design and development business for a long time and have worked in all manner of environments. It’s out philosophy that a small team of talented and dedicated craftsmen ultimately achieve the best results.

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The Small Team

We are a small team by design. A common misconception is that a large agency will produce better work, faster. In truth, the people physically involved in any project tend to constitute a small team, whether they are employed by a larger agency or a boutique consultancy. The benefit to working with a dedicated craft shop is that you always get the principals, rather than the interns.

Communication is a huge part of running a successful project. With State you have direct access to the people designing and building your product. No middle men, no account reps, no sales team. Just a direct line of contact.

Maximizing Dollars

Building anything well requires a significant investment. We understand the importance of your sending dollars into battle strategically.

Our methodology focuses on building what is necessary for today. This typically means using third-party services, where possible, until a genuine need for a custom solution presents itself. It can also translate to carefully choosing which tasks are automated or simplified, and those that remain more technical. We specialize in creating software on a predictable and controlled budget.

Technology and architecture choices go a long way toward keeping a project cost effective after the keys have been turned over. The strategy will look very different for a company that has a technical team ready to support their new software, versus the small group of investors who will initially rely on us to keep their application running smoothly.

problem solvers at heart

design for interaction

In short we design and build for screens.
More precisely, we develop & design custom WordPress websites and web applications.


Experience and Execution

Achieving a goal doesn’t happen by accident. We help companies establish a plan of attack.

More than just technical advising, we enjoy providing insight and ideas into projects that shift thinking and add valuable perspective. Chances are we’ve worked on projects with similar objectives to yours. Prior experience will go a long way toward streamlining the design and development process and ensuring that smart decisions are made on the front end. Partnering with people who care and are willing to speak plainly will ultimately lead to a better product.

Our Areas of Expertise

Branding | Technology | Positioning

Application Design

Form and function

We believe design to be a critical component for any project. Not only does it make a product more enjoyable to use, it also says a lot about quality, craftsmanship, and care to its users.

Great design is very intentional and requires a trained eye. It’s important to work with a design team you trust to make good decisions; someone who will steer the visual direction toward the audience your product is built for. Strong attention to details is often the difference between customer confidence and missed opportunity.

Our Areas of Expertise

Visual Design | Usability | Navigation | Responsive Design | Custom WordPress Design

User Experience

Feel, Voice, & Interaction

It’s easy for technical people to navigate user interfaces and interact with machines. The truth is most people aren’t technical. As designers we take a step back and consider how real people interpret the visual road map and cues we present in our applications.

User Experience encompasses more than just visuals. It’s the voice, techniques used for interaction and navigation, information architecture, and many other elements. It’s everything the user sees and experiences while using the website or application.

These interactions are the lifeblood of a good application and deserve the same attention as the overall visual aesthetic and technical implementation.

Our Areas of Expertise

Copywriting | Interaction | Navigation | Workflow | WordPress | Design


Numbers you can use

Making informed decisions depends greatly on your information. We help large organizations collect and organize data into useable metrics; from the sales field to the executive matrix.

We build custom systems to gather and analyze large pools of data. Once mined, we’re able to organize and display this data in a meaningful way. Your ability to process information increases exponentially when the presentation is thoughtfully designed.

Our Areas of Expertise

Collection | Visualization | Organization

Mobile Apps

Mobile Application Design

We love to design for mobile devices. The challenge of the small screen requires distilling information and functions down to their most concise form.

We create responsive and mobile specific websites and web applications that are specifically designed to work with mobile screen sizes.

Our Areas of Expertise

Responsive Design | Mobile Friendly

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