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State Built is a mobile application design consultancy based in Austin Texas. We design mobile applications for Apple iOS and Android devices.

State provides mobile app design services for companies who wish to build an elegant and well conceived mobile application that will create brand awareness and excitement. We love small screens and enjoy designing for popular mobile phones and tablets. Give us a call to discuss your next project.

Apple iOS Apps and the iPhone

The most lucrative market for mobile applications is without a doubt the Apple App Store. Apple users are more willing to purchase apps than other markets and in turn demand a higher standard for the apps they use. iOS applications are also fun to design as the iPhone screen resolutions are standard giving us a solid foundation for a design that will hold up well in use.

Everyone at State is an iPhone user and we understand the features, conventions and user experience that make iPhone apps successful.

Apple iPad Apps

The Apple iPad runs the same operating system as the iPhone, Apple’s iOS. Although an iPad can often run an app intended for the iPhone, specialized iPad apps will be listed separately in the App Store and ultimately provide the best experience for the user.

Often and application built for iPhone can be adapted for use on the iPad with fewer hours than building from scratch.

iPad and Tablet App Design

As a mobile design agency we get excited about the additional screen real estate a mobile tablet offers. Tablet apps can be used to facilitate business operations, sales and marketing, and even retail processes. The ease of the touch screen means fast adoption by users and a user experience that will excel above traditional input devices.

When data visualization and management are mission critical a tablet app can revolutionize your business.

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