Work for us!

We don't bite, promise

We’re a small web agency here in Austin looking for the right person(s) to join our team.

The Job

  • Lots of WordPress
  • Some Ruby on Rails
  • We generally co-work 2-3 days a week
  • Mostly chill
  • Regular hours (we have lives too)
  • A mix of cool stuff and web marketing/commerce
  • We often work with Christian folk, so if that bugs you…


  • Use a Mac
  • Okay with implementing integrations
  • Aren’t a WordPress hater
  • Think Vue.js is cool
  • Play nice with Git
  • Have JS experience
  • Live in Austin
  • Get stuff done without a PM
  • Have passion for web tech
  • Experience

Just starting out?If you have a mind and a passion for dev, then hit me up. However, you must be able to jump right in. Some js knowledge is required.

Super pro?That would be sweet but we don’t have series-A money. We’re growing fast, but at present this position is a lifestyle choice. I’m open to strategic partnerships with the right person.

Wish List

  • Like electronic music
  • Passion to create new things
  • Keep up with trends
  • If you send me an email I’ll either respond within a day or two, or I won’t. Sorry, time is in short supply.

Pro Tip

Tell me about you the person! I’m less concerned about your education and work history.