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  • Access to Thousands of Plugins
  • Frequent Security Updates
  • Flexible Layout Design
  • Manage Users
  • Easy to Use Admin Areas
  • Expandable for the Future
Wordpress Dashboard
Mobile Responsive Layout

Mobile Responsive Layout

Our Wordpress sites adapt to fit the screens your visitors are using. Through the advanced use of responsive web design, we make certain your website always looks great, whether your visitor is on smartphone, tablet, or notebook computer.

Update with Confidence

One of the most compelling reasons to use Wordpress is the ongoing support and development provided by the Wordpress community. Frequently updating your website with the one-click updater reduces security risks and provides your site with the latest code and features. We build solid Wordpress sites that can be updated without worry that a component will fail.

Take Control

Your website's content should be easy to edit and update. Our Wordpress sites feature custom edit fields that enable your staff to easily add new content, while maintaining a polished appearance. Custom entry fields mean you're able to keep your site's content fresh with minimal effort.
Custom Content Types

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Why Choose State?

State Team Portraits
We are a small team by design. A common misconception is that a large agency will produce better work, faster. In truth, the people physically involved in any project tend to constitute a small team, whether they are employed by a larger agency or a boutique consultancy. The benefit to working with a dedicated craft shop is that you always get the principals, rather than the interns. Communication is a huge part of running a successful project. With State you have direct access to the people designing and building your Wordpress product. No middle men, no account reps, no sales team. Just a direct line of contact.